Wheel & Tire Repair

Tire Repair
When heading out the door, the last thing you want to deal with is a flat tire, or one low on air due to a puncture from a nail or screw. Even a small nail can lead to the need to replace a tire, if not dealt with quickly. Tires should be completely removed from the wheel for inspection of any hidden damage inside the tire. Stop by or call 702-433-8010 and we can give you an assessment of your tire repair or tire replacement. USA Auto offers complete tire inspections and services, we have a large selection of quality tires.

Wheel/Rim Repair
Keeping your wheels and rims in good condition not only prolongs the life of your tires, it also keeps you safe on the road. Untreated, bent rims can cause tires to leak air over time, causing a flat tire or even a blowout. USA Auto can repair and replace wheels and rims, keeping you and your family safe and your vehicle looking good.