Door Lock & Seat Repair

Power Door Lock Repair

Broken power door locks are more than an inconvenience, they are a safety issue. We have the expertise and the experience to repair these locks and have them working like new again. For a professional power door and power window mechanic in Las Vegas, call USA Auto today!

Door Handle Repair

In addition to power window and power door lock Repair, USA Auto also offers door handle repair as well. Broken door handles pose a safety issue when and if you need to exit the vehicle quickly. It is difficult to brake automobile glass and get out quickly. In modern vehicles it is not easy to ‘slide over’ to the passenger’s side by climbing over consoles, which could cause injury and damage to your vehicle when the door handle stops working.

Power Seat Repair

USA Auto offers expert power seat repair services in Las Vegas. As our vehicles age, so do the mechanical parts through normal usage. Power seats can be one of those mechanical functions in need of repair to bring back full functionality and optimal comfort, not to mention the safety concerns if the seat is stuck in a position that is too far back or too far forward.